Past Productions

Hope Rising: Stories of Trauma and Healing

Emmy Award Nominated

The Democratic Republic of Congo is a nation scarred by war. In one of the longest and deadliest conflicts in modern African history, DRC lost more than 5.5 million lives, half of them children. Those who survived did so with little more than their lives intact. Can the power of Scripture provide a source of healing? This documentary provides a look at the Bible-based initiative that addresses the trauma of kidnapping and violence, helping people heal and rise to a place of new hope.


God Provides

The God Provides production is composed of 6 biblical videos, followed by an educational component. The host, Dr. Atef Gendy, the president of Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo (ETSC) delivers the educational component of each story, offering a practical application for Middle Eastern daily living. These six short films are lessons of hope and faith in Christ, offering a practical application for Middle Eastern daily living.


On Wings of Prayer

On Wings of Prayer: The blockbuster film, Sully, starring Tom Hanks tells this story from the heroic perspective of the Captain Chelsey Sullenberger, who’s determined bravery saved the flight from their likely demise.  But, survivors recall crushing minutes before the plane’s emergency landing.