Life Focus Television

Living by the Book

Emmy Award Nominated

Atheist A.J. Jacobs and Pastor Ed Dobson decide to live biblically for a year and alter every aspect of their lives. AJ sought life as experience and Ed Dobson, diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease, wants to experience life.


A New Kind of Normal

Emmy Award Nominated

After Carol Kent’s only son was sentenced to life in prison without possibility of parole, her life took a permanent detour. She had to live with the reality that her son committed murder. As Carol learns to live again, and Doug Sr. learns to forgive, they tell the story of how they adjusted to “A New Kind of Normal,” when life took an unexpected turn.


The Wit, Wisdom, and Wickedness of Alice Cooper

Emmy Award Nominated

The “Godfather of Shock Rock” who loves to scare his audience surprises his friends with his Christian beliefs. Behind the artist who horrified parents and lured their rebellious teens is a man on a journey of faith and action.


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